Heather williams

Ever since she can remember, Heather was always drawn to animals, specifically horses, and knew that her calling would be in the animal field. After attending Clemson University and graduating in 2013, Heather moved to Texas to intern at a small farm to further her degree in Equine Science. After 6 months flew by, she ended up calling Texas "home". She has taught riding lessons at a local show barn for the past 3 years, but has also been caring for animals in the Kaufman County area. Heather understands that leaving your animal is hard, but is sure that this company will provide trustworthy and reliable care to make being away from home much easier.



To Anna, her family would not feel complete without her animals. She has always had a dog or two at home and was raised around horses since the age of five. Prior to graduation, Anna worked at a Christian camp as an assistant riding instructor and trail guide where she was responsible for the daily care of camp horses and other farm animals. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Texas A&M in 2012 with a focus in equine science. After graduating from A&M, Anna interned at a farm where she cared for forty head of horses. She is now a veterinary technician for Equine Veterinary Services. Anna is passionate about animals and shows her enthusiasm by providing the best quality care for new and returning clients.